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Anchor Boys

The anchor boys' are the youngest section within BB starting at 5 and moving up to Juniors when they are 8.

During a Tuesday night when the boys' meet between the hours of 18:10 - 19:15 they participate in a wide range of activities including games, classes and show + tell. All of the activities that the boys' do contribute to their badges that they receive at the end of each year. The badges focus on 5 main areas, - Body, Mind, Spirit, Community and Creativity.
As the boys progress through anchors they can gain 3 badges that each have different awards. Anchors learn to follow instructions and respect one another and gain confidence all whilst having fun!

The officer in charge if Anchors is Lynn Davies (Contact - 07581 222423) with assistance running the evenings from Delia Ellis, Matthew Parkin and Nick Richardson.